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The Lights Within

 Connect With Your Truth

The Stars Cannot Shine Without Darkness.

Every Choice, Every Decisions 

We Have Made 

Have Brought us

Where We are Now.    


Many of us were Taught and Learned

How to Live Our Lives 

By The Limited Thoughts

and Limited Beliefs,

That Had Been Carried on

Generations After Generations. 

Your Purpose,  Your Unique Gifts,    

Your Own Truth is Inside of YOU. 


It is Your Birthright, It is Your Sovereignty.


You will be Guided to Bring The Light of The Unconscious To Consciousness

By Excavating, Dismantling, Exploring, and Integrating.


  And In The Support of The Stars, Cards, The Wisdom of Unseen Guidances, 

Along with Your Intuitions, 

Together,  You Become The Co-Creator of Your Own Reality.



"What is Not Brought to Consciousness  
  Comes to us As Fate"

Carl G. Jung


1. Discovery Session

During The Discovery Session We Will Focus on Your Vision and Desires.

2. Deep Fundamental Series of Sessions

We Will Take The Knowledge From Our Discovery Session to Work Through

  Fundamental Work.

3. Individual Session

In This session We Will Create A Unique Approach Based On Your Choice of Subject.

Grey Limbo

  The Lights Within. Reclaim your truth.

Thank you for contacting me

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